Skyforge offers tips for adventuring in regions

Keep it chill.

Would you say that you’re great at Skyforge or would you say you’re super great? Or would you blush, look around, and admit in a moment of humility that you may not be super great after all? It’s all right if you’re not because the game’s official site has just kicked off a new series of columns dubbed “Tips from Flavius,” with this installment offering some advice from the scientifically minded NPC about how to adventure through regions.

Some of the tips will be fairly familiar to MMO veterans, like the suggestion to wait in the Adventure queue whilst hacking your way through a region. Others are rather unique to Skyforge, like evaluating how quests for a region work and progressing toward the final bosses. Take a glance at the tips even if you’ve been playing the game diligently since launch; you may well find some things you hadn’t previously noticed.


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Frankly regions are borderline unplayable unless something massive is done to the game engine.