SWTOR vows all companions will return in the KOTFE expansion

The moment again.
BioWare took to a much-anticipated livestream last night to assuage fears concerning the fate of companions in Star Wars: The Old Republic when Knights of the Fallen Empire comes out later this year.

The bottom line is that all companions will be available for play in the expansion and affection preserved, although only some of the companions (including a few new ones) are slated to be part of the tale. “When Fallen Empire launches, all of your existing┬ácompanions remain accessible to you outside of the story chapters,” BioWare posted. “In the KotFE story there is a specific cast of characters that is a part of that ongoing storyline.”

Companions will no longer get stats from gear but will level up alongside players (gear can be used for cosmetics, however). Players will also get to select a role for companions, allowing any ally to heal, tank, or DPS.

BioWare restated that player decisions can and will impact companions. In the past, the studio hinted that it’s possible for a player to drive off or even kill a companion come the expansion.

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