Eco’s proposed death penalty doesn’t mess around


Eco, the global ecosystem survival game that recently blew through its $100,000 Kickstarter goal, has added a player-run criminal justice PvP system as a stretch goal.

Currently, the game design will “prevent laws from being broken” by stopping various player criminal actions before they occur. If Eco tops $200,000 in funding, the devs will implement a flagging system that allows players to break laws and also opens them to consequences including arrests and some pretty harsh punishment. The game’s Kickstarter page details the┬átheoretically nifty mechanics, including criminal flags that are only visible to players who actually witnessed the crime as well as forensic skills that enable highly skilled players to become a witness upon investigating a crime scene.

Consequences for lawbreakers include automatic currency/item fines, in-game jail time, and a death penalty that sees the offending character deleted from the server and the user banned from logging into that server in the future.

Source: Kickstarter; thanks Dengar!
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