The Daily Grind: Do you prefer MMO factions to be good vs. evil or multifaceted?

What was that vendor's name? Saw? Was it Saw? Adze? Saw sounds right-ish.
I don’t have ready access to it any longer – it was a while ago – but I recall reading something to the general effect that some players thought that the Empire in Star Wars: The Old Republic wouldn’t be the evil faction. That always tickled me. I mean, the franchise has had a pretty solid stance against empires since the first film. Sure, there were hints here and there that the factions might be a bit more nuanced (the Republic was more permissive but unable to realistically adapt to its size; the Empire was more restrictive but better at governing), but it was never a scenario in which the literal powers of darkness would turn out to be kind of OK folks.

Sometimes it’s nice to have that in a game, of course; Warhammer Online never pretended that Chaos was anything but evil. Then again, that misses out on the possibility presented by games like RIFT or Star Trek Online, with factions that aren’t evil or good but simply can’t get along for whatever reason… which has resulted, over time, in that factional divide softening. Which do you prefer in your MMOs? Would you rather have the one outright evil faction, realism be damned, or would you prefer a conflict with no “right” side and thus the possibility or promise of eventual reconciliation?

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