Gazillion shares more about the recent Marvel Heroes layoffs


During a David Brevik’s weekly Marvel Heroes livestream, the Gazillion CEO confirmed two of the casualties of last week’s layoffs.

The two employees among those who have parted ways are Creative Director Jeff “Doomsaw” Donais and Items Designer “Amthua.” Donais wrote a farewell post and mentioned that at least for him it was an amicable split while the other layoffs were cost-related and not due to performance.

“I knew I was getting to be an old man and for the last year or so I’ve talked with [Brevik] on who we could grow at the company and make a smart succession plan for me,” Donais said, going on to hint that he might still be involved in the company in a smaller capacity.

“It’s true and not true about Doomsaw and Amthua. There are perhaps deals we are still working on,” David Brevik mentioned during his stream. “This is a terrible week. It was a really rough week. Realities of running a business are harsh sometimes.”

On Amthua’s forum profile page, he posted, “All of the kind words are amazing, I am glad that I could have touched a community and made an impact. I will be making an official post soon. Thanks!”

Source: Official forums #1, #2Twitch. Thanks to Michael for the tip!
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