Champions Online offers a guide to playing as Grond

This, uh, didn't work out great.

Some people are just set up to be superhumans. Take Champions Online‘s Grond – the guy was injected with an experimental serum, got more random chemicals poured into him, dove into a heavily polluted river, and got struck by lightning all in a few moments. Some force of nature clearly wanted him to be more than a human being. The fact that he turned out to be a supervillain rather than a superhero is almost irrelevant, especially since players can stomp around with him with the game’s upcoming Onslaught system.

As you could probably guess from the fact that he’s a huge guy with four arms and horns, Grond isn’t the subtle type, building up Fury as he takes damage, then unleashing it for maximum damage. He does get pretty tired afterwards, so it’s a matter of managing his rages and unleashing them for the greatest impact. There’s nothing in the guide about mutated monster-men needing a nap after a good smashing, but it’s definitely implied.

Source: Official Site; thanks to The Grand Nagus for the tip!
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