Kingdom of Loathing mulls mobile version and spin-off, prepares for annual convention


There’s a lot going on for the punny browser game Kingdom of Loathing, so let’s bring you up to date on all of the fun! First of all, it appears that the developers are considering creating a mobile version of the online RPG, perhaps funded by a Kickstarter campaign. Currently the game does adapt to smartphones and tablets when run on those device’s browsers.

Next up is the news that the team is creating a spin-off title, West of Loathing, for spring 2016. West of Loathing looks to be a western single-player RPG set in the Kingdom of Loathing universe.

Finally, KoL Con is returning for its 12th (!) year in Mesa, Arizona from September 25th to 26th. The $25 registration fee is your access ticket to casino night, BBQ, and, um, “wizards.”

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