ArcheAge’s heroes have finally awoken


Did you miss the ArcheAge clusterfudge over the weekend? After two days of preparation offline, the servers came back up Saturday only to crash and burn thanks to login and cinematic issues, which forced Trion to postpone the launch an extra day and resulted in rollbacks for those few people (10%) who did manage to log in. (Rolling back the servers, you’ll note, is a fairly new ability for Trion, which was previously unable to perform it.)

The rollout of the patch went off yesterday, split by region and server type, which was presumably intended to calm the login land rush brought on by the server merges introduced by this patch. Though some of the servers quickly capped and offered only queues to those logging in, many players in our comments and across Reddit and the official forums report being able to reclaim a significant portion of their land.

Information on a compensation package for the downtime and rollback is expected this week.


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