Blade & Soul’s website talks skills and skill trees

You would think this would just be patched in pre-launch at this point.

NCsoft has updated Blade & Soul’s western website with a bit about the game’s skill trees. You’ll earn a skill point with each character level, and most skills may be customized through a skill tree in the martial tome that you receive at the beginning of the game.

You can tweak your skills at any time outside of combat, and there’s a spot in the skill book for saving builds and swapping between them. NCsoft also hints at ultimate skill masteries in today’s update. “These are the kinds of legends and stories whispered about in hushed tones in local taverns, the kind of fables that all martial artists believe they can aspire to, but that only a few may ever attain,” the update says. “Discovering secret techniques is the utmost challenge for anyone hoping to master their skills, and the ultimate in martial prowess.”


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