Gamerz for Gamerz invites MMOers to a haunted Halloween party


Are you searching for a real-world community to bolster¬†your MMORPG experience, something that’s still around after your favorite game is gone or over? Gamerz for Gamerz¬†is a new event and community company hoping to be just that.

“Gamerz for Gamerz was founded to bring video gamers and developers together both online and in person,” reads the group’s founding post. “We will be providing unique and creative ways to find old gaming friends, network with other game industry professionals and maybe even make some new friends in the gaming world. We will also be hosting special events focused on strengthening gaming communities.”

The first such event will be a Halloween Party at a haunted hotel in San Diego aimed at both gamers and game devs. Registration for the event isn’t live yet, but the forums are open.

Gamerz for Gamerz is run by Michelle Butler and Cindy Bowens, both names veteran MMO players will recognize: Butler produced and designed EverQuest-franchise MMOs for SOE and Sigil Games, while Bowens is famous for her work on SOE Live and community efforts for Vanguard and RIFT.

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