SWTOR players find out when Nico Okarr joins their team

One of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s newest companions, the gunslinger Niko Okarr, has been the subject of a lot of speculation and curiosity. While BioWare has been quite adamant about telling players that they need to subscribe right now to secure Niko for future play, the studio hasn’t been forthcoming with the details about when and how he’ll join player teams.

Some of that curiosity can be put to rest, as CM Eric Musco clarified that Niko will only come on board in the upcoming expansion, not before: “Nico Okarr works a bit differently than the companions you are comparing him too. To avoid any spoilers I don’t want to say too much, but you recruit Nico Okarr into your Alliance in Knights of the Fallen Empire, and have him as a companion thereafter.”

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