Massively Opinionated: Which MMO would be the most innovative if launched today?


MMO players are always concerned about innovation. Who doesn’t want his game to be the latest and greatest? Inspired by two of our Patreon supporters, Duane and Viking, this week’s Opinionated panel discusses innovation and its application in the realm of MMORPGs.

On this episode, host Larry Everett has invited two veteran MMO pundits to the debate: Troy Blackburn from Gamebreaker and Jason Winter from MMOBomb.

The rules for Massively Opinionated are quick and dirty: Each panelist is given four questions before the show and asked to come up with unique answer for all of them. Our host judges the answers based on the arguments and awards each question’s winner a point. The panelist with the most points at the end wins the internet.

This week’s questions

What does it take for an MMORPG to be considered innovative?

What is the the most beneficial development cycle for the devs and the players?

Which MMO would be the most innovative if launched today?

Which MMO is the most underrated but innovative MMO available today?

This week’s panelists

Troy Blackburn
Site: Play2Win and Gamebreaker
Twitter: Noobfridge

Jason Winter
Site: MMOBomb
Twitter: WinterInformal

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