ArcheAge addresses castle construction bug


A quest bug connected to the construction of castles on ArcheAge’s Diamond Shores has resulted in Trion Worlds issuing a hotfix over the weekend to address the situation — and not everyone is happy.

Apparently a progress counter wasn’t advanced when players turned in a certain quest while mounted, and Trion has no way of going back to accurately update the total. As a result, the studio put all faction bases on the same footing: “A fair castle claim rush is our highest priority; due to this issue, the overall number of packs turned in across these servers, and the timing of the coming weekend, we have bumped all faction bases to rank 3.”

Players who had advanced their factions ahead of others were incensed to find that Trion had moved those lagging behind to the same rank. Some called for castle rollbacks while others asked the studio to simply wipe the mission’s progress and continue as is.

CM Linda Carlson attempted to explain the studio’s decision in this matter: “The problem is here that people who have been working hard on this for WEEKS were well aware that they should be at a more advanced stage. This is an action that rectifies and error and provides recognition for the work that WAS done. People still have to get the egg from Diamond Shores to the purification spot — no small feat.”

She later added, “We f**ked up, we owned it, and we are FIXING it tonight. If some people suddenly feel that they are put upon because others are getting recognition for the progress they earned, I don’t mind. They EARNED it. They DID it.”

Source: Official forums, #2, #3hotfix notes. Thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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