Skyforge offers more details on Invasions and Operations

Indarth Invader.

Invasions are a big deal in Skyforge, but not every hero standing against the invaders is at the front lines of the main invasion force. It seemed odd that you could spend lots of time killing Mechanoids during a Mechanoid invasion without so much as a nod in your direction. The most recent patch has thus added new features to reward players, starting with sparks dedicated to the specific enemy forces during each Invasion.

Sparks can be collected from any content featuring the invading forces as enemies, so during the current Mechanoid invasion you can collect Mechanoid-themed sparks from any adventures which pit you against Mechanoids. These sparks allow players to unlock nodes on a special part of the Ascension Atlas dedicated to Invasion opponents, offering bonuses against the specific enemy type as well as general progress. Players can also take part in Operations along with these new Sparks, allowing dedicated players to unlock greater rewards for their defense of Aelion – even if they weren’t right on the front lines every day.


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As a sideeffect, the invasion brought three 3man-instances, two 5man-instances and a 10man raid and this was just in the preparing time, which ends at wednesday. I’m looking forward what great content might come, when the end-fight against this invasion starts. 
Skyforge looks a bit strange with the first view, but this is only because there are lots of things, that are different and new ideas, that you do not see in 90% of the other mmos. Although a few of these ideas might be not the wisest things, the game is really fresh and fun to play and constantly evolving to a better state from month to month.