RIFT dives into the Rhaza’de Canyons dungeon


With a patch name like Into the Wilds, you know that RIFT won’t be introducing safe, tame content in which players can vacation. On the contrary, the update is bringing many new high-level challenges,¬†including a five-person dungeon, Rhaza’de Canyons.

In Rhaza’de Canyons, teams will battle their way through fiercesome foes, including enlarged planestouched dinosaurs. At the end is¬†Teth Mornta, a boss who is using an ascension machine for nefarious purposes. Trion Worlds promises “rare and potent” loot for players who conquer the dungeon.

Curious about Patch 3.4: Into the Wilds? Check out Massively OP’s preview tour of the new content!

Source: RIFT. Thanks, Rafaelmizar.
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