Trove introduces the player-designed Moonwing Dragon


A new player-designed dragon is taking flight in Trove these days: the Moonwing. This week’s patch introduces the collectable Moonwing Dragon, which can be obtained by completing challenges and scooping up dragon caches.

The patch also juices up several events. This week’s Chaos Factor is giving out two daily chests, each with a chance to snag Squeakers the flying squirrel. Adventure Week triples the drop rate of adventure boxes and Summer Piñatas are 50% off in the game’s store.

There are plenty of other adjustments and fixes, including tweaks to the previously released Shadow Tower (hint: killing shadow titans is more lucrative than ever before). Read up on the patch notes and get in the game!

Source: Patch notes

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I miss fast fishing already! Also, that butterfly dragon is going to be mine.


So if you get a daily chest and then have a golden key does that give a 100 percent chance to get squeakers?


Why am I asking you?

*goes back to the plans for destroying Rock Ridge.