Daybreak might bring back 1997 tank shooter Tanarus [Updated: Nope]


One of the oldest online shooters could be facing a resurrection in the near future. On an EverQuest II stream last week, Daybreak mentioned that it was working on a “new Tanarus server” now that some legal hurdles have been overcome, but devs declined to release any further details until the studio had more to show for it. Tanarus was a multiplayer tank game developed by Verant and published by SOE in 1997; it ran until 2010.

Update: Alas, chalk this one up to just a miscommunication. Daybreak says what it was hinting at was the fact that the “evolved” version of the classic Tanarus server is now a “handcrafted Daybreak-branded kegerator” destined for the dining and entertainment lounge at the studio’s new headquarters. No tanks for you!

Daybreak also announced that it will start selling game cards at various retailers across the U.S. starting next week. Old Station Cash cards will no longer be purchasable after October 7th, although ones that have been bought already can still be used.

Source: YouTube, Daybreak. Thanks to Ageofmyth for the tip!

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