Revival’s tags support ‘elements of role playing that many still believe are impossible in an MMO’


Just in case you thought Revival was all sex and gore, IllFonic’s latest dev blog is here to discuss something relatively dry and technical: tags.

Interestingly enough, the tagging system is also one of the most simple systems in the game. It’s a “moment of beauty” for a designer when a elegant solution to a problem is found and tags was one of those moments for us. You see, at their heart a tag really isn’t much more than a word, with a macro attached to it, but that simple thing makes possible elements of role playing that many still believe are impossible in an MMO – things like having a legitimately personal story, or making it possible for everyone to experience content others won’t ever experience or see in the same way. Tags really are the source of Revival’s magic.

Tags attach to players based on what they do and “can be used as a prerequisite or trigger criteria for blueprinted in-game scripting, game effect packages, dialog, adventuring events and spell effects.” A player “may possess the ‘heroic’ tag and a game effect package in that tag could have a condition that triggers when nearby NPCs with the ‘fan’ tag that when triggered causes an NPC farmer to throw confetti at the player and cheer about the player when the player first enters the NPC’s awareness.”

Commence confetti.

IllFonic also highlights some community threads, including one that features housing floorplans.

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