Shroud of the Avatar goes recursive with Release 23

Department of Recursion Department

Shroud of the Avatar is the most recent game that Richard Garriott has worked on, so why not spend your time in that game playing the oldest game the man worked on? The next major update for the game includes Garriott’s first game, titled DND1, as a playable game on the in-game teletype machine. No word yet on whether or not an option has been added in that game to allow your character in DND1 to fire up a copy of Ultima Exodus and continue jumping along the ladder.

There’s new stuff in release 23 even if you don’t feel like going recursive, though, with new landscapes as well as a new town, Jannaford. Players will also have new crafting options such as skull candle holders for that extra touch of class. Check out all of the details in the official dispatch and prepare for the update’s launch on October 29th.

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