EverQuest II previews the Thalumbra region

Today's mission is to wander around on the Brain Slug planet without a helmet.

The next expansion for EverQuest II is leading players into a tourist trap. Not in the sense that it’s filled with overpriced stores and sub-par restaurants, but in the sense that it will literally trap and perhaps destroy any tourists who enter it. Don’t believe that? Then take a look at the preview of the Thalumbra region in advance of the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion to see just how unwelcoming the place really is.

While the great underground kingdom is not universally inimical to the surface, the fact remains that it’s filled with things that tend to eat and/or destroy anyone from above, with luminescent fungi and bits of light proving to be potentially fatal in the overall darkness. Adventurers would do well to remember that it’s alien territory, with its own ecosystem and intelligent occupants, and it is not a realm for the squeamish. Or those afraid of the dark.


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