Massively Opinionated: Which is the best open-world PvP, WvW or FFA?


So far Massively Opinionated has kept its questions rather broad, but wouldn’t it be interesting to examine one title that has a particular take on a certain mechanic and pit it against another game with a different take on the same mechanic? That is what MO did today. It took the PvP in Guild Wars 2 and pitted it against the PvP in EVE Online. And our panelists are Tina Lauro, representing GW2, and Brendan Drain, representing EVE.

The rules are simple: our host, Larry Everett, sent four questions to the panelists and asked them to create an argument based around their answers to these questions. Whoever has the best argument will win a point, and the panelists with the most points at the end will win the show.

This week’s questions

1. This first question is simple: WvW or total open-world?

2. Which game has the best death penalty?

3. Big spaceship or big dragon?

4. Using your game as suite of features, add three features to the other person’s game to make it better. (The person with the best overall improvements will get the point.)

This week’s panelists

Tina Lauro
Twitter: PurpleTinaBeans
Website: Predestination

Bendan Drain
Twitter: Nyphur
Website: Predestination

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