ECO finishes its account system, keeps moving toward alpha testing

Show your work.

Account systems are boring, but they’re also pretty necessary for an online game. Sure, you only notice them when they’re bad and/or obtrusive, but they’re important pretty much every time. ECO‘s a step closer to playability with a functional account system, but also with all of the other improvements detailed in the latest development dispatch. There are a lot of moving parts in there.

Houses and items have been the big focus for the team during the most recent leg of development, with crafting nearly into a fully functional state for alpha and a first pass of alpha items having been added to the game. The account system still needs a full authentication system to back it up when connecting to the game’s servers, as well. And some work has been done on those meteor impacts because fun. Check out all of the details in the most recent status report.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Dengar for the tip!
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I’m quite interested to see where this game will be going :P It’s an interesting design for a “”””minecraft clone””””…for sure it could shake things up a bit for people that do not just want to build stuff….or farm dungeons to get stuff to build stuff.