Tribes: Ascend tests out new Perdition map


A new Tribes: Ascend public test server 2.1 patch is incoming today or tomorrow with a new map, Perdition. Perdition is a small capture-the-flag zone that’s based on Tribes 2’s Damnation map.

The test center patch is also attempting to balance its arsenal of weapons. “Feedback on equal damage across classes was mixed,” the developers noted. “The majority (only by a slim margin) disliked the change. However, many liked that it fixed some long-standing issues like one-shotting from full health. In PTS 2.1 we are trying to find a middle ground.”

There are other changes and tweaks, including alterations to base shields and how different weapons are classified. You can read the entire patch notes to get the full picture.

Source: Patch notes

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This is genuinely the most fun I’ve had with Ascend since beta. They’re close to fixing it.