Elder Scrolls Online’s Maelstrom Arena is a progressive solo challenge with leaderboards


Elder Scrolls Online has posted the final Orsinium guide to its website. Today’s blurb focuses on the solo-challenge Maelstrom Arena, which is a progressive instance located in the mountains of northeastern Wrothgar. Getting there is as easy as traveling to Orsinium and then to the arena’s icon on the map.

Inside you’ll find nine arenas, each with a different theme, and each with four different types of sigils. Sigils provide you with powerful temporary buffs if you walk near them and press the corresponding button. The Maelstrom Arena also features leaderboards for every class, and ZeniMax will grant special in-game rewards to the top players of each class on a weekly basis. You’ll need to be Veteran Rank 16 to qualify for the leaderboards.


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