Massively OP’s guide to MMO Halloween 2015


Halloween is an unstoppable force in the MMO industry and will not be denied to developers and their players. It’s that time of year where spooky, creepy, and delightfully nightmarish events erupt across games worldwide, allowing players to indulge in trick-or-treating and costume parties regardless of age.

In the spirit of the holiday, Massively Overpowered is proud to present its ultimate guide to MMO Halloween. Read on for details on all sorts of events, promotions, and contests!

Age of Conan: The Shambling Plague An all-new Halloween event sends players on a journey into corrupt catacombs to stop a horrible plague. (Through November 4th)

Aion: Harvest Revel Collect souls for witches, get wicked-looking outfits. What could be so wrong about that? (Through November 9th)

Anarchy Online: Spooky Rubi-Ka Come back for free and battle Uncle Pumpkinhead. (Through November 17th) Thanks dellis and ZenDadaist!

ArcheAge: Hallowtide PvP is forbidden in two festival areas of the world while players hunt for candy on snails. Because snails. (Through November 3rd)

ARK: Fear Evolved Face off against zombie dodos, carve up some pumpkins, and see if you can’t spot yourself a mythical Dodorex!

Champions Online: Blood Moon Returns Undead hordes, werewolves on the prowl, and the zombie apocalypse — there’s a lot of work for superheroes to do this time of year. (Through November 11th)

Crowfall: Cosplay Cawstume Contest Love cosplay? Then get it on with this contest that could net you a game package. Contest deadline is October 28th!

Dark Age of Camelot: Sinister Moon Rising “Haunted cities, candy, costumes, and pumpkin patches” are in store for this long-running event, as is an even more sinister moon. (Through November 2nd)

DC Universe Online: The Witching Hour DCUO’s annual festivities return with a new currency and special rewards. (Through November 2nd)

Defiance: Costumes and Pumpkin Carving There’s a 41st century agent costume available in the store and a Paradise pumpkin carving contest going on!

Destiny: Festival of the Lost Honor the spirits of the dead by collecting masks, trick or treating, and going into the Cathedral of Dusk. (Through November 9th)

Dragon Nest: Halloween There are login rewards, PvP fights, and Count Spookula with which to contend in this festive event. (Through November 12th)

Dungeons and Dragons Online: The Night Revels Delera’s Graveyard has come alive with four themed dungeons to explore and conquer. Plus, tons of costumes and pets to be won!

Elsword Online: Fright Week Dive into a candy-themed dungeon to see if your sweet tooth can win out over your sweet guns.

EverQuest: Nights of the Dead Collect Heroes’ Forge armor while you can and check out player-designed Halloween decorations in the marketplace. (Through November 11th)

EverQuest II: Nights of the Dead Take on some spooky quests, nail a few limited-time achievements, and craft all manner of ghoulish delights! (Through November 2nd)

EVE Online: The Crimson Harvest Fight against a gruesome cult and maybe win yourself a new ship skin in the process. (Through November 2nd)

Final Fantasy XI: A Very Gooey Halloween Adventurers throughout the middle lands prepare themselves for another ghoulishly ghastly Halloween festival gorged with goodies galore!

Final Fantasy XIV: All Saints’ Wake Check out the Continental Circus and go on an unusual investigation while this event is live! (Through November 4th)

Firefall: Night of the Melding Defeat the headless horseman and rescue scared civilians to earn candy and awesome rewards. (Through November 3rd)

Guild Wars 2: The Shadow of the Mad King Take on the Mad King’s lair, labyrinth, and clocktower in this annual event, and earn yourself a pair of batwing shoulders while you’re at it! (Through November 6th)

Grand Theft Auto Online: Halloween Surprise Players can hunt down The Slasher through five new maps and buy a couple of additional cars with this hidden event. (Through November 16th)

H1Z1: Halloween Take out special pumpkin zombies with extreme prejudice! (Through November 12th)

Heroes of the Storm: Hallow’s End Earn a Jack-O-Lantern portrait and enjoy 50% bonus XP during this spectral celebration. (Through November 3rd)


Landmark: Halloween Build-a-Thon Travel to the new Halloween island and contribute your efforts to creating a scary landscape! (Through October 29th)

Marvel HeroesHalloween Event Gazillion promises, “The Halloween Event is returning this week, along with the spoopy Avengers Tower decorations and a brand new Halloween costume and Team-Up that’ll be in the store (Frankencastle).” Thanks Kurt!

Neverwinter: Masquerade of Liars Masks, companions, and dyes are up for grabs during the holiday events. (Through November 4th) Thanks Rozyn!

Pirate101: Halloween in Skull Island Skull Island is decorated to match the holiday and there are plenty of pets and housing items for sale throughout the month. (Through November 1st)

PlanetSide 2: Nanite of the Living Dead Take out pumpkin spawns to eventually earn yourself a pumpkin helmet and be the envy of every Linus in town! (Through November 12th)

RIFT: Autumn Harvest Portals to the Realm of Autumn Harvest are open! The holiday standard returns to Telara with some new surprises too. (Through November 11th.) Thanks Veldan!

RuneScape: Halloween 2015 Anti-Santa is crashing on Death’s couch in Old-School RuneScape… and Death wants your help to get him out of there! Afterward, make sure to attend Death’s Halloween party. We hear it’s a killer. Over on the regular servers, though, you’ll contend with the Gauntlet of Souls. (Through October 10th) Thanks Tyler!

Skyforge: Evil Pumpkin Festival Marks off for the name, but if it ends up being fun, who cares? There’s a new quest chain, daily quests, and all sorts of fun rewards to be had. You can also win prizes by making an actual horror movie. (Through November 4th)

Team Fortress 2: Alien Invasion Darn aliens. Always trying to steal our candy. The team hosts kick off a month-long invasion event, spilling its community-curated guts in the form of new maps, weapons and items.

TERA: Halloween Headhunt Track down and eliminate a series of enemy targets to earn yourself some snazzy thematic rewards.

The Secret World: Halloween There’s a brand-new mission about a suicide in London in addition to the reprise of past Halloween quests!

Trove: Costume Sale and Shadow’s Eve Pick up one of several new types of costumes in the store during this holiday season! Also, enter the dreaded pumpkin lairs designed by the community and see if you can survive. (Through November 3rd)

WildStar: Shade’s Eve Explore the decorated capital cities, accept creepy quests, and go through the brand-new Quiet Downs as this game’s first holiday takes a decidedly bent turn for the weird. (Through November 2nd)

Wild Terra: Halloween Even though this game hasn’t launched yet, it doesn’t mean it can’t do Halloween! Hunt bewitched animals to make special recipes. (Through November 4th)

Wizard101: Halloweenfest 2015 Take on the dreaded Nosferabbit and get some quests from Jack Hallow — and don’t forget to dress up for the occasion!

World of Tanks: Dead City Halloween Mode The battlefield of Himmelsdorf has been eerily transformed into a spooky wonderland. A unique tank, Spectre, is available to glide across the map, launching ethereal and rapid plasma rounds, manned by a literal skeleton crew. (Through November 2nd)

World of Warcraft: Hallow’s End The wickerman must burn, treats must be consumed, and the Headless Horseman must be defeated in this annual event. There’s also a real-life pumpkin carving contest if you’re into that sort of thing. (Through November 1st)

World of Warships: Rise of the Phantom Fortress Players can battle against one of two GM-controlled “ghost ships” to earn a box of signal flares. (Through November 2nd)

Ultima Online: October Head out to a pumpkin patch in this game to see if you can scare up a Grimm. Grimms sometimes drop carvable pumpkins for houses, so beating one can be worth the trouble.

Do you know an event that isn’t in this guide? Drop it into the comments section! We’ll be updating this post as the week progresses.

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