Take a walk on the abomination side in EverQuest II’s Kralet Penumbra

Can't we go back to mushroom people? That'd be keen.

The various residents of EverQuest II‘s Terrors of Thalumbra expansion are not necessarily pleasing to the eye. That having been said, the Abominations of Kralet Penumbra are a step beyond usual creepiness, as evidenced by the fact that the other residents can’t pronounce the name the species has for itself and decided that “Abominations” was close enough. Chitinous masters of the arcane arts — the race is actually pretty friendly once you get to know them.

Just kidding. They’re horrors from the deep that want to destroy everything from the surface, naturally.

Players will face off against the Abominations in heroic and advanced solo challenges, with players struggling to defeat the powerful creatures without winding up as a mindless thrall. There’s also a raid in the area that should challenge even veteran raiders in the game, driving home the idea that the Abominations aren’t just enemies to be casually curbstomped on the way to an underground Tupperware party.

Then again, when your enemies are outright named “Abominations” you probably knew what you were getting into.

You can also get some spiffy rewards for beta testing the next expansion now if you just can’t wait for your trip to Abomination-town.

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