EverQuest II anniversary celebrations kick off on Friday

And all of the art design is still done on lined notebook paper.

Players have been adventuring in EverQuest II for more than a decade now, and that’s a good reason to celebrate. Even as the developers are preparing for the launch of Terrors of Thalumbra, there’s time to celebrate the big milestone for the game, starting with the Heroes Festival kicking off on November 6th. Travelers to Freeport or Qeynos can take part in the festivities, which run until November 16th.

Have you been a part of the game for a while? Then you’ll be happy to know that another veteran reward is on its way, claimable today and onward based on the age of your account. The reward provides 365 loyalty tokens, enough to buy plenty of stuff from vendors in-game, but it’s already inspired complaining from veterans who have likened the reward¬†to “getting a gift card for your anniversary.”

Here’s to 11 years of operation and hopes for twice that many to come!

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Kinya.
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