Neverwinter Strongholds are now available on your Xbox One

Do you have an Xbone? Me too, but I don’t play Neverwinter on it. Come to think of it, I don’t play Neverwinter at all, but the point of this here news post is to tell you that if you do play Neverwinter and you do play it on your Xbox One, the Strongholds expansion is here. If you’re saying wait a minute, Strongholds already launched, you’re correct. It launched on the PC last August.

Strongholds is the game’s seventh expansion, and it allows guilds to claim and fortify an abandoned keep on Neverwinter’s largest map. Guild members will battle the surrounding environment to acquire resources while simultaneously building siege structures designed to wage war against enemy guild keeps in the new siege PvP mode.

The siege mode combines two stronghold maps and doubles the scale, according to a Perfect World press release. Siege mode also adds a three-lane MOBA-style battlefield that supports 20-vs.-20 combat.

You can view a trailer for the expansion after the break.

Source: Perfect World press release

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