Black Desert fans push against possible IP blocking [Updated]


Some Black Desert fans are concerned that the game appears to be headed for a heaping pile of regional IP blocking in the near future and have started a petition to ask Daum Games to keep the sandbox’s borders open to all.

The petition notes that Daum’s terms of use only specify United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, but not other regions (such as South America). “A big amount of players believe that these lines are talking about a possible IP block,” the petition states. “Many foreign players would not be able to play the North America and Europe servers, which will probably be the only available for the western public.”

In other Black Desert news, astute fans noticed that the game’s new website had posted the pre-order store page for a while. The page listed two packages: an explorer’s package for €49.99 that includes closed beta access, a horse, a guest pass, a two-day head start for launch, and premium points; and a conquerer’s package for €99.99 that includes all of that plus alpha access, housing coupons, dyes, and a longer head-start to launch.

While the page has subsequently been removed, a Redditor claims to have snapped a screenshot of the goods, which you can find below — it might look a tad familiar:

Update: Astute reader Armsbend passed along to us a message from Black Desert’s mods regarding the shop leak:

Dear players,

there were some threads, that I have just removed to avoid further confusion, which contained some information about our shop which were accidentally leaked.

The information you’ve seen did not represent the pre-order packages in their final state, nor did the text/assets fit their purpose yet.

We sincerely apologize for this mistake and we will post the correct information about our shop and pre-orders within a few days from now!

Please stay stuned for more news soon.

Thank you for your understanding.

Finally, has posted a new tour of the trade town of Valencia that you can watch below.

Source:, Reddit. Thanks, Sukumei.
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