Neverwinter outlines the path to masterwork crafting

Masterwork crafting in Neverwinter is not meant to be something you just start doing on your second day of crafting. It’s right there in the title – this is master work. It’s difficult. The newest development entry on the official site explains what’s involved to become a masterwork crafter as well as the fantastic items you can craft once you reach that height of skill.

Players with a level 12 guild stronghold and at least 25 skill in one profession will be able to undertake a series of crafting-based quests for new masterwork recipes. These recipes will require a wide variety of materials, including some lower-rank materials and ones from professions you may not have leveled, thus stimulating the economy across the board. It’s meant to be a lengthy climb, but the reward at the end is making level 140 items that can be fully traded and sold. Check out the full rundown to get a clearer picture of what you need to do to be the best around at making pointy weapons.

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Rather than rework crafting (which is totally useless from 1-24), they’ve made this pretty much pay to win. Getting such a high rank guild and high ranked crafting is easy with cash, or it takes months and months of grinding.