World of Warcraft wraps up its Legion class previews with Druid and Rogue

Turn into a bear.

There are a lot of leather-wearing classes in World of Warcraft at this point, and two of them are sharing the last round of class previews. Druids and Rogues are bringing up the tail end, but their lateness in the overall series doesn’t mean that they’ve gotten any less attention.

Druids are gaining more reasons to swap between forms with the new Affinity talents, which provide a flat buff at all times and core abilities to make the forms for other specs worth using. Balance is receiving a new variant on its rotation mechanics, Guardian Druids are being focused more heavily on flat mitigation and absorbing damage, and Restoration and Feral have both received minor clean-up passes for the spec mechanics.

Rogues, meanwhile, have had all three specs given more definite roles. Assassination is now the only spec with poisons and bleeds, still focused on building up with destructive damage. Subtlety is focused more heavily around Stealth, with the new Shadow Dance ability allowing Subtlety to move in and out of Stealth with high mobility. Last but not least, Combat has been renamed Outlaw and given a much more swashbuckling style of play with pistol shots and fencing. Check out the full entry for all of the details.

Source: Druids, Rogues
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