Funcom to announce three new games in 2016


Watch out world: Funcom is cranking up its game factory for 2016.

In the studio’s Q3 2015 report, Funcom said that it would be announcing the creation of three new titles — one “large” and two small — next year: “In line with the company’s strategy, prototyping and concept development for new titles is underway, with the first new game to be announced during early 2016 and two additional games throughout later that year.”

Funcom needs a good future source of revenue, as its earnings continued to decline to $2,195,000 for the quarter. The decline was attributed to “a gradual and expected decrease in sales from the current live games.”

The Park is too recent to show up on the report in regard to revenue, although Funcom said that it was a success in developing and marketing on a small budget while strengthening The Secret World’s IP.

The studio said that it’s written off LEGO Minifigures Online due to the game’s underperformance and will be proceeding with a multi-prong strategy to develop both big and small games that leverage Funcom’s technology and IPs.

Source: Q3 2015 financial report. Thanks to aboomwithaview for the tip!


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