Pathfinder Online is in talks with a new investment company


Pathfinder Online players have been in a cruel state of limbo these past few months following the collapse of Goblinworks. However, the game’s fate might be far from sealed, as Acting CEO Lisa Stevens said that there has been “promising” talks with a new investment company.

“Last week, a new company has entered the arena and I am super-excited about the possibilities,” she posted. “It is still early in the process of talking with them, though I have been on the phone every day helping them get the data they need to make a decision. If they decide to move forward, Pathfinder Online will benefit from a significant infusion that will allow the development team to expand to the largest it has been.”

Goblinworks saw a sizable chunk of its original funding fall through earlier this year, which forced parent company Paizo to lay off all but three people working on the game. At the time, Stevens said she believed the game needed another 1 to 2 million dollars to complete.

Meanwhile, Pathfinder Online itself continues to receive some support, as the game just updated to early enrollment v11. The centerpiece of the patch is the addition of customized settlements, which allows players to modify the layout and specialization of each settlement to meet the needs of that village.

Source: Patch notes, investment update. Thanks to Takasi for the update!
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