Gloria Victis releases its full alpha patch

Real is brown, real is brown, real is brown.

The bad news for fans of Gloria Victis is that the most recent patch brings with it a full server wipe, forcing everyone currently involved in the test process to start over from scratch. The good news is… well, pretty much everything else. The newest patch brings the game fully into its alpha test version, and it includes a massive overhaul of nearly every system in the game along with a large number of quality-of-life improvements.

Players will find a completely reworked inventory system, buff system, and guild system to explore, along with improvements to the UI everywhere from the inventory screen to NPC merchant screens. There are also new giants to fight, if you’re looking for a plus-sized challenge, and long-standing bugs (like body parts vanishing after removing armor) have been corrected. It’s a long list of upgrades to the experience of the game, the sort of thing that makes having to start over seem like less of a big deal by comparison.

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