Rusty Hearts returns… sort of


A few gamer spirits were broken in September 2014 when Rusty Hearts was shuttered by Perfect World Entertainment. Now those souls might have a chance at mending, as the game is coming back on a different platform.

Rusty Hearts Heroes was released on Google Play last week by Eyedentity Mobile (which also handles Dragon Nest EU), advertising itself as a “stylish action-RPG with quick and simple gameplay.” The characters from the PC version have returned for the mobile version, continuing the storyline that was put on hold over a year ago. It looks like it has the same frantic action combat and wicked rock soundtrack that made the original title distinctive, although it’s not clear how the mobile version stacks up in features and content.

The game is free to download and play, although reviewers have pointed out numerous issues with the initial release.

Source: Google Play
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