Shroud of the Avatar newsletter looks at arena building and more


Did you miss Shroud of the Avatar’s Friday update? I did; I was too busy stuffing my face with leftover turkey and dressing to pay attention to MMO industry news. Thankfully the internet never forgets, so we can go back and peruse Update of the Avatar #153 even though it’s a couple of days old at this point.

It features a behind-the-scenes look at designing a demon, courtesy of lead character artist Geoff Mellon.  There’s also a Release 24 postmortem and a writeup (with pics) of how a player named Athanil managed to construct an impressive in-game arena.

Those of you who picked up SOTA on Steam over the holiday weekend should peruse the incredibly long and detailed list of player-run events already going on during the beta; there’s something there for everyone.


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Example of a real sandbox MMO and what can be accomplished but talented gamers. Nice work.