Elite Dangerous has launched Horizons beta


Pilots, mission control has given you the go-ahead for planetary landings. You may begin your descent.

The beta for Elite Dangerous: Horizons is officially underway today after a short delay. So what does the expansion hold for players? According to the team, “It means you can now land on planets throughout the Elite Dangerous galaxy, embark on surface missions, work with friends and explore strange new worlds. These are real worlds, too — full-sized and fully simulated. The list of things we simulate is huge, but the result is this: the most realistic environments possible. See them, explore them, shoot things on them.”

This stage of the Horizons beta is focused on planetary landings, but Frontier says that there is even more to come. On deck for the game is looting, crafting, avatar customization, ship-launched fighters, and a multicrew feature.

Source: Media alert. Thanks to Dengar for the tip!
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