Labyrinth of Druids mixes fantasy with Lovecraftian horror


Druids: No one knew who they were or what they were doing — at least until now! MidDream Studios is in the process of making Labyrinth of Druids, an MMO mash-up of fantasy and dark horror.

Players will begin the game as an amnesic druid with an animal form who must unravel a mystery and go through sinister rituals to reach the finish line. And there is a finish line, as Labyrinth of Druids claims that there’s an actual end to the story — but few players will ever get there.

The title is leaning hard on H.P. Lovecraft’s works for inspiration as well as Egyptian and Celtic mythology and will offer open-world PvP to keep things ultra-dangerous. The game’s sole author, Michal Krča, also claims that there will be an infection mechanic that can eventually wrest a player’s control over his or her character away until that character is killed.

Labyrinth of the Druids is preparing a Kickstarter campaign for next March and has its eyes on a winter 2017 window to launch its alpha program.

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