Albion’s Aurelius update to add PvE dungeons, usability tweaks, and more

I am fairly certain that fairness due to gear parity was a point that got tossed around for this game, although I cannot find a good source for that at the moment, so I may be incorrect.

Sandbox Interactive says that Albion’s closed beta launch has been “very successful,” and as such the firm is now giving fans a glimpse of its near future first update. The patch is called Aurelius, and it should hit the game’s servers by the end of next week.

It features qualify-of-life tweaks like a combat mode toggle, different chat channels, and increased spell cooldown visibility. It will also add 10 new spells and abilities over a variety of different weapons. While Albion is a PvP title at heart, the devs are expanding PvE via 23 new dungeons which boast three new mob types and three new bosses.

Source: Aurelius update
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