Cube World resumes active development


When voxel sandbox Trove hit the pavement running, I know I wasn’t alone when my first reaction was, “Damn, this looks like Cube World, only, you know, getting updated!” Now I might need to eat my words because Cube World is indeed under development again after a long hiatus. And I do mean long.

While the game’s website hasn’t had an update since June 2014 when alpha buyers were left a bit in the lurch, dev Wolfram von Funck started pushing out tweets about development two months ago and hasn’t let up. The most recent one arrived over the weekend:

Localization, quests, traps, NPCs, skills, music, city structures, airships, tooltips, parachutes, and maps are among the things apparently under revamp.

Here’s a bit of the music:

Source: Twitter. Thanks, Dug!
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