DayZ now allows monetized private servers

And in the distance, the call of payment.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse like the one that has apparently hit the world of DayZ, human money will be entirely worthless. Ironically, actual DayZ private server operators are now allowed to use said private servers to make some of that human money. Yes, monetization of private servers is now allowed, albeit with a list of restrictions and a variety of things that cannot be sold.

The short version is that only items and perks which do not affect gameplay can be monetized, so anything from guns to housing cannot be sold. Mods are permitted with the express permission of the mod maker, and donations do not require approval but only count as donations so long as no reward is offered. The developers are looking at this as a test run and will be re-evaluating whether or not monetized servers are having a positive effect upon the community at the end of May in 2016. Until then? Run a server and get in on making some pre-apocalypse money.

Source: PC Gamer
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