Cabal 2 goes on a reindeer rampage and adds new raid


Hullo folks! Ms. Horsehead here, encouraging one and all to head over to Cabal 2 to check out a couple of interesting events taking place!

There’s war a-brewin’ in the gods’ last bastion, the Gray Canyon, and we need strong and brave adventurers like yourself to step up and give a good neigh about it! This new raid requires 24 players to defend the canyon from 12 waves of monsters, each one tougher and scarier than the last. You’ll need to arrange your day around it, however, as the raid takes place at three set times every 24 hours.

Then there’s a wacky reindeer rampage making a mess all over the world. They’re not as prim and proper as us horses, not in the slightest. Kick those reindeer haunches for me, will ya? And if they happen to drop anything, it’s all yours.

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