New Overwatch video explains progression systems and the two that didn’t work

Good work, great idea.

Progression is a nice thing. Everyone likes the feeling of being better in some small way after playing a game for two hours. When Blizzard brings Overwatch back from its holiday testing break, a progression system is going to be in place, but a new video explains its two predecessors and why they didn’t work.

The short version is that the first version of progression was unlocking new and improved abilities through play, which was super powerful, broken, and unbalanced. The second version unlocked cosmetic alterations for each character… which discouraged players from swapping characters mid-match, thus harming overall team composition. The new progression system is meant to feel as if the game is rewarding you for spending more time with it. You can check out more details in the video below.

Curious about the characters in a more concrete sense? Well, why not check out a recent interview regarding the game’s story, characters, and setting? Story progression is a sort of progression, after all.

Source: YouTube, PC Gamer
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