LOTRO’s 2016 roadmap


Everyone always wants to know what’s coming next for their favorite game. As Lord of the Rings Online players are nearing the cusp of Mordor itself, it’s understandable that there are many questions that are out there concerning the game’s future.

Enter the 2016 producer’s letter, with the team discussing the “major initiatives” that are planned for the new year. On the deck for the game is the move to the new datacenter (which was delayed from 2015), a level cap increase to 105, more instances, a 12-player raid, and the start of a collection system.

In a new interview with LOTRO Players, Turbine devs also discussed the inclusion of the episodic Bingo Boffin, the use of time travel in its new epic story, and hints as to what is to come. Scouring of the Shire, anyone?

When pressed on the remainder of the main storyline, Turbine’s head writer said, “I have a pretty good idea of the overall story-line of the epic, but I wouldn’t say we’re locked into a set road map. We try to stay pretty flexible concerning where the story takes us. When I came up with the Galadriel prophecies in 2008, I obviously had certain events in the story in mind, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that seven years later we’re certainly closer to some of them than we were.”

Source: LOTROLOTRO Players. Thanks to John and teppic for the tip!
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