There are eight live SWGemu projects right now


The Daily Dot has a long piece out this week on its Kernel subsection all about Star Wars Galaxies and its emulator underground.

Author Dennis Scimeca chronicles the life of SWG and the NGE, chats with Raph Koster, and tracks some of the designers working on the core SWGemu project. But will it ever be finished?

“After 11 years’ worth of work, [Project Lead Victor] Popovici still isn’t comfortable giving an estimate as to when the project will be finished. Once upon a time, he thought the emulator would be done by 2009, but that was actually when he realized he needed to start the server code all over again. There’s still an entire space expansion called Jump to Lightspeed that needs to be added.”

Fortunately, there are eight other servers. “Those eight other servers are the future,” QA Leader Doug Rush says. “They are already making their changes they want to make, the way they play the game. They’re welcome to do it and have it run stable on our code. The life cycle of this has pretty much been made endless, as long as people are interested in playing.”


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