ELOA pushes out its first ‘expansion’


Elite Lord of Alliance has done its utmost to make us trip over its name, and now that its first major content patch is out, it’s working hard to confuse us even more. “First Expansion” or “Part 1” is now out, and if you can get past these¬†weird titles, then you might find quite a bit to do in this hack-and-slash title.

Today’s¬†update raises the level cap from 36 to 40, giving players four more levels to explore. Additionally, ELOA has added a high-level monster journal, the Crying Land zone, two level 40 dungeons, and the expected assortment of new quests, titles, and achievements to master.

Read up on the patch notes and show those monsters who’s the boss (the answer is Tony Danza).

Source: Patch notes
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