Xsyon drops its subscription today, is B2P on Steam


As announced earlier this week, PvP sandbox Xsyon is going buy-to-play on Steam today. “Although I personally still favor the subscription model, it’s clearly turning away too many players at the moment,” the lead dev from Notorious Games wrote. “Without the subscription, new players will be more inclined to join and old players are welcome to return!”

Press release:

Xsyon: Prelude, the apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG no longer requires a monthly subscription!

Due to popular demand, Xsyon has switched to a one time buy-to-play price of $29.99 allowing for unlimited and unrestricted game play. Past paid players are welcome to return for free to the world of Xsyon to rejoin and rebuild tribes or check out the latest features and improvements! Steam keys are available to all past paid players for those that wish to rejoin Xsyon through Steam.

Recent improvements include:
– Revised versatile architecture system with multi-story construction.
– Laying out and visualizing full constructions before finalizing your creations.
– Building of bridges, tree houses and fantastical structures with ease.
– Many new structural components including trusses, cantilevers and railings.
– Building uses including Infirmaries, Trading Posts and Welcome Stations.

For those that haven’t been in Xsyon for a while, features now include:
– Extensive farming system allowing players to plant, water, tend and harvest a variety of useful crops.
– Innovative cooking system allowing players to combine ingredients and seasonings creating custom recipes. Players can save their recipes in a cookbook and create powerful signature dishes.

Currently in development:
– Revised creature systems, stats and path finding.
– Vanity and combat pets.
– Tame-able mounts.

Source: Press release
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