Final Fantasy XIV talks about future content in its next patches while planning another fan festival

Lizard laugh.
It’s going to be a little while until Final Fantasy XIV players can enjoy the content of patch 3.2, but producer and director Naoki Yoshida has already begun previewing it for fans. Or discussing it, at least. The most recent Letter from the Producer LIVE covered the upcoming two new dungeons as well as upcoming PvP “seasons” and new tiers of difficulty for high-end progression content. There are even plans about what will be done in patch 3.3 – new housing space and new styles of housing are on the way.

In all likelihood, both of those patches will be out and playable before the game hosts its second fan festival tour next year. Yes, they’re coming back and visiting all three of the game’s major regions, with the US fan fest kicking off in October, the Japanese fan fest in December, and the European fan fest in February of 2017. That’s some way away, but it means that players should have plenty to look forward to for pretty much all of 2016, now.

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