Origins of Malu is launching in stages early this year


Wondering whatever happened to Origins of Malu? Apparently the devs were working elsewhere for a while but have now turned their attention back to the title. A new post on Steam revealed that the game will be launching “in stages” over the next few months as a free-to-play MMO.

“We will drop the price of our early access when we have things sorted out,” the team said, “so until then the folks who bought early will get a special treat and some nice rewards. We will announce these soon we are just finalizing some details and to be very honest we have been setting things up and getting the machine in a proper state. Long story short, give a week or two and things should be running smoothly and we can get back to features on the MMO.”

The post also addressed the status of the mobile game and promised new forums soon. Burning Dog said that it’s continuing to look for investors but has vowed to move forward with the launch no matter what.

Source: Steam
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