Path of Exile explains the nature of the new Ice Trap skill in Ascendancy

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When Path of Exile launches its next expansion, Ascendancy, the designers are adding in some additional skills to give existing builds new options. Case in point: the upcoming Ice Trap skill added at level 28, which was created specifically to give trap-based characters a more reliable method of getting through parts of the game’s story. It’s a reliable large-area skill that works nicely with a new support gem, Cluster Trap, which will turn any single-spot trap into a bursting group of four traps.

Ice Trap works well against large groups of enemies as well as large enemies who can be caught by multiple bursts from the trap. You can check out the video of the skill’s operations just below, but you’ll have to wait until March before the skill can actually be added to your trap-happy character’s skill lineup.

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I was always a sucker for ice spells.